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Michael Wachtler, Thomas Perner

The Origin and Evolution of Angiosperms -
Based on new sensational discoveries

Published by Dolomythos Museum, Innichen, South Tyrol, Italy Oregon Institute of Geological Research, Portland, OR, (USA), 2016, ISBN 978-88-908815-9-6
Euro 49,00

Our present knowledge about angiosperms is based on the dogma that first appeared the family of Magnoliaceae than any other flowering plant. We do not usually take into consideration that the genesis of angiosperms could happen in a different way of evolution, maybe a more unexpected step. This study will attempt to explain the strange angiosperm-genesis with new theories based on surprising new findings. From the Devonian till the Triassic period – when Euramerica was located near the Equator – we had another continent in the Northern Hemisphere called Angara. On this landmass evolved at the same time a strange symbiosis between insects and flowers, made possible through a peculiar progress: nutrient-rich pollen dust, colourful flowers and sweet fruits on one side, sexuality and reproduction on the other. Isolated from the other landmasses, this community remained unique for millions of years. The knowledge we obtained from two world fossil sites: Chekarda and Matvéevo, in the vast but lost landscapes of the Russian Urals, are due to the conservation of all the particularities and perfection of plants and insects astoundingly. This study deals with the beginning and propagation of all angiosperms in the Early Permian period from the deciduous trees, over herbaceous flowers and grasses, and will give interpretations on why they could evolve in isolation and why probably the worldwide climate change due to an immense catastrophe in the Permo-Triassic boundary caused a quasi-extinction of the first angiosperms and retarded their spreading all over the world for a long time.

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